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Trackstar D-Spec Drift Gyro V2

Trackstar D-Spec Drift Gyro V2

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Skladem: 1 ks
Číslo produktu: 280-4
Výrobce: Trackstar
běžná cena 749 Kč
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649 Kč ( Nejsme plátci DPH )

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Trackstar D-Spec Drift Gyro V2

TrackStar D-Spec Drift Gyro V2 is not only simpler to use than our V1 but it is also smaller and easier to fit in tight spaces. This is a fantastic gyro and works by simply plugging it in between your receiver and steering servo. One of the neat features of this gyro is that the gain can be adjusted on the fly by connecting it to the third channel of your receiver so you don't have to take it off the track and remove the body to make adjustments to the gain. You could even change the gain for different sections of your drift course, if some need more gain than others.

This is also a great gyro for F1 cars, a trend that seems to be really taking off, and with its small size you won't have trouble finding space to mount it.

This is a fantastic little unit and is one of the best gyros we have ever used.

• Super compact size
• Wires can be remove
• All wire outlets are facing upware, fitting wires is much easier
• Remote gain function avaliable
• Perfect for those latest narrow graphite structure drift chassis

Gyro Sensor: Vibration Structure Gyro
Operating Voltage: 4~8.4V
Current Drain: 25mA Operating Temperature Range: -10°C ~ +45°C
Size: 21x21x11mm
Weight: 3.6g

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